Brand Groupies Podcast Episode #45

I got to talk about marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship on an episode of the Brand Groupies Podcast - part of their “Backstage” series.

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I got the opportunity to share my insights on the industry of marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship as part of the  “Backstage” series of the Brand Groupies Podcast. ⁠

Huge thank you to Carey Balogh, Founder & Chief Executive Groupie, of Brand Groupies for having me on!


Here's the official episode description: 
A new #BrandGroupiesPodcast episode is now live!🎙⁠

We love talking with local brand leaders who are rockin’ their clients’ brands in a big way!💥⁠

On the latest episode - part of our “Backstage” series - we sat down with @ajtaylor317, the dynamic CEO & Creative Director of @belmarketingdesignstudio.⁠

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide and HubSpot Solutions Partner, Ali takes the uncertainty out of growing your audience and getting more sales with marketing strategies, systems, and processes that work. ⁠

Ali shares so much marketing wisdom and advice for other branding professionals as well as founders who want to build their brand online.📲⁠

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