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How to Clear Your Cache

During the course of a website redesign or a continuous website improvement service, there’s nothing more confusing and potentially frustrating for a client than to receive a notification that updates to their website’s content management system has been completed only to look at the website and find that the changes are nowhere to be found.

Usually, this issue is caused by your web browser’s cache.

What is the Cache? 

The cache is the place where your browser keeps things that are downloaded from sites websites as you view them and shows them to you in the future instead of downloading the newest version.  This allows the page to load much faster since it’s already stored on your computer. Once you clear your cache, the browser will stop using the saved version of your site and go grab the newest version, including your updates.

How do you clear the Cache?

John Kalli, from Trinity Worldwide Technology, recently created an educational download on How to Clear Your Cache. Click here to get it.

We highly recommend you download it and post it next to your workstation so that whenever you find yourself in the situation above.

What next?

Now that you know how to clear your browser's cache, you may consider contacting John to evaluate your IT environment so you can discover how to streamline other inefficient technology systems, replace old hardware, and update critical software.

When your technology is running optimally, it enables you to focus on the critical aspects of running and operating your business. The more you can focus on that, the easier it is for us to collaborate with you on developing effective inbound marketing campaigns.

Contact John Kalli today and let him know that we sent you!