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Social Media Marketing Tactics To Try Right Now

Social Media Marketing Tactics To Try Right Now


Content marketing is a marketing approach geared towards creating and distributing valuable content designed to attract a defined audience. There are two parts to content marketing: create and promote. Act as a resource for your audience and focus on creating content that adds value to the reader’s life. Anything you produce is a reflection of your company and your vision so allow the work you create to be quality content. Consider incorporating inbound links, such as infographics or videos.

After designing comes the distribution process. Share your content across a variety of social media platforms to make sure you are reaching the intended audience. You may have high-quality content, but it will have no impact if you do not promote it.

Deciding On Which Channels To Distribute Your Content

Before you begin promoting, think about the content you have created and which channels it belongs on. Facebook is a good option for lengthy posts, research content with links, or videos. You might choose Instagram for photos, infographics, and short videos. Twitter does not offer much space for you to write a post, but feel free to attach a link for viewers to access.

Always consider who your intended audience is and through which channel they can be found. Promotion does not need to be simply limited to social media channels. Maybe the right audience comes from an email blast.

Building Relationships Through Email Marketing

Consider adding an email sign-up form to your landing page, if you do not have one already. Content marketing can be carried out through email to help reach web and blog visitors. Depending on the content, you might choose to distribute an email solely to qualified leads. Always remember to share content that will add value to your reader’s life. Put some of the content in your email signature and do not be afraid to test email subject lines. Again, part of the key to a successful content marketing strategy is the promotion. Work to gain the attention of your audience and get your content viewed.

‘Like’ Buttons and Live Streams

You probably already share the content you create on your company’s Facebook page, but are you utilizing every marketing tool available? Remember to consider the content you are trying to promote and which format will send the best message to the intended audience. Let your content stand out to reader’s on their newsfeed whether that be in a well-written statement or through a video. You can even take things a step further and go Facebook Live. Use a live stream for your content to gauge user engagement in real time. Each video will remain on your page and continue to receive additional views long after the live session has expired.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Instagram recently unleashed some new features that allow you to do more than just post photos and short videos. However, do not underestimate the power of a quality posting on your channel. You can extend your reach infinitely by promoting your content with as many valuable and relatable hashtags as you can think of.

Let your creativity fly with Instagram’s newly added story feature that lets you post a photo to be viewed for up to 24 hours. Successful content marketing strategies are about providing audiences with valuable content. Fill your story with information about upcoming events, newsletter send-outs, and blog postings. Similar to Facebook, you can now live stream content on your Instagram page. Your live stream videos may remain viewable only for a limited time, but they are still a great way to connect with your audience.

Connecting With Professionals

Have your content marketing strategy include your professional network. Sharing the quality content you are creating on LinkedIn helps provide your peers and other professionals with access to valuable resources. Use your network of connections to generate new leads and collaborate.

Thinking Outside The Box

As always, keep in mind the content you are trying to share and decide which platform audiences will appreciate it on. There are a number of ways you can further promote content across social media channels. Facebook’s sharing tool can be used to share articles and posts from resources that your audience might find valuable. Use the tagging tool on Instagram to mention companies and influencers that are related to the content you are sharing. Your company can have its team promote marketing content on their own social media channels. The options are limitless when it comes to sharing on social media.

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