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Spotlight: Broad Street Dough Co.

Old School Business Methods Meets Modern Day Social Media

The Power Of A Brand

It was years ago when I first visited the Broad Street Dough Co. shop in Oakhurst, NJ. I still remember my dad and I staring at this big wall of photos with each doughnut flavor hanging on it. So many choices to choose from and I picked to have one s’mores galore. Let’s just say it was love at first bite. There are three great donut shops near my house. What makes me want to travel an hour for Broad Street?  It’s what Des, “Dough Master” of BSDC, calls the triple threat. She prides her shop on being able to offer amazing doughnuts, great customer service, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Define Your Tone On Social Media

Broad Street can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The simple, loose tone reflected in their social media reflects the brand’s purpose to bring a smile to people's faces. The goal of their social media marketing strategy is to create content that can resonate with everyone, whether it’s kids or seniors.

Find what tone you would like for your business to reflect on social media and be consistent with it across every channel. It’s primarily Des who manages the social media accounts and engages with followers. A public relations firm is used to assist with her shop’s Facebook and Twitter pages. However, she prefers to operate on an old school grassroots level and enjoys submerging herself into the world of social media in her spare time to interact with Broad Street doughnut lovers on the daily.

Engaging with followers and acknowledging user-generated content on social media is a strong branding technique. At BSDC, customers are family. The team strives to make every in-store sale a “feel good” purchase.

Play To Your Strengths

In our interview with Des, she stated that Instagram offers the most kickback. The Broad Street page has close to 90k followers and has reached global recognition. Publishing content to Instagram allows different walks of life to connect over a shared love. Keep this in mind when posting to your company’s social media page. Outreach on Instagram is unlimited. Doughnut fanatics travel from all over the world for a taste of Jersey’s own BSDC. It was hard for Des to pinpoint the farthest someone has traveled to her shop, but she did explain how many travelers who stop by are from Europe with the most recent being from Poland.

Broad Street’s Instagram launched long before it’s doors opened for business. Posts to the account began with the capturing of the shop’s buildout and first days of business. The page is now overflowing with photographs of the shop’s tantalizing donut specials.

Apply this technique to your page by recording a project from start to finish and capturing each stage of the process. A product or service does not have to only be posted to social media in end result form. Remember, the point of social media is to be social and engaging.

There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Idea

I may or may not check the Broad Street Dough Co. page a few dozen times a day. I’m not ashamed to admit it because if you follow their Instagram account, then you know about their mouthwatering specials that are posted daily every morning. The inspiration for daily specials is a team effort being that everyone likes something different. Customers are known for creating their own doughnut concoctions in the shop and are welcomed to submit ideas on social media. When asked about their biggest social media failure, Des filled me in on a recent happening involving the shop’s Sunday Funday doughnut special.

The team created a traditional doughnut dipped in warm vanilla and topped with M&Ms, rainbow sprinkles, peanut butter drizzle, Bavarian cream, banana slices, and fruity pebbles. Broad Street’s specials tend to receive an overwhelming amount of love, but this post received negative feedback from a few followers on Facebook. The special sold out in store and lead to the shop running out of bananas and fruity pebbles. Broad Street believes in nothing being off the table because everything is worth trying. The takeaway from this is that social media is a great way to receive instant feedback on an idea- as long as you’re not allowing it to dictate your business.

Rule #1: Have Fun

Aside from posting multiple times a day, the BSDC story on Instagram is consistently packed with creative messages and images. Photos and videos of crowds are taken during the busier times at the shop whereas slower moments in the day showcase the team’s quirkiness as they goof around. Nothing is pre-planned when it comes to designing content to be posted. Broad Street’s Instagram stories are uploaded by either Des or her two lovely assistants. The three of them post separate content in their own words. Various perspectives allow the content to resonate differently with everyone. What advice does Des have for local businesses trying to build up their social media following? Just have fun and be yourself.

Appreciation Is Better Shown Than Told

The Broad Street team loves to hold social media contests. They do them often and view them as a fun way to connect with supporters of the brand. Many social media contests will ask participants to tag a friend. BSDC tries to avoid this in the hopes of not deterring anyone or making their supporters feel pressured to overwhelm their friends with constant tagging. In addition, the goal of Broad Street’s contests is not to increase followers on social media.

The team loves to bring smiles to people’s faces and offering their doughnuts as a prize is a fun way to return the love to their supporters. Think about this the next time you run a contest on your company’s social media pages. It is okay to ask viewers to tag friends, but the goal of the contest should be to delight and reward your current customers- not just boost your followers. Any company is nothing without the support of their consumer base. Give back when you can and get creative with it.

We’d like to thank Des and the team at Broad Street Dough Co. for taking the time to sit with us.