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Spotlight: Silver Style Pictures

In the latest edition of our spotlight series, we met up with Michael Altino, owner of Silver Style Pictures to discuss the importance of video marketing for small business owners.

Michael has worked alongside Emmy, Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated producers. From interning to producing, Michael’s experience in the film, photography, and advertising industries has helped drive Silver Style’s continued growth.

As a visual storyteller, Michael has the ability to communicate new ideas and concepts from the written word, delivering results for film and clients alike.

Social Media Video Marketing For Small Business Owners

Social media video marketing is increasing in popularity as social platforms are becoming more video focused. This trend may be a viable option for your company depending on the content you are interested in marketing. Social Media Today recently published an infographic illustrating 50 social media video marketing statistics for 2017. A few stats stand out in particular.

Let’s Take A Look At The Statistics

When a video pops up on users' social feed, it should capture their attention within the first 3 seconds and convince them to continue watching – even without sound. Videos up to two minutes long get the most engagement from viewers. 

Social Media Today reports that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. When it comes to social media video marketing, content tends to vary between explainer videos, tutorials, demos, and social videos. Check out this HuffPost article for more information on the do's and don'ts of video marketing.

Now, what if social media video marketing was more manageable for marketers to take advantage of? 83% of marketers reported that they would create more video content if there were no difficulties like time, resources, and budget. We sat with Michael Altino, Owner & Creative Director of Silver Style Pictures, to discuss social media video marketing strategies.


Silver Style Pictures is an independent film and video production company based in Red Bank, New Jersey. Our work is a collection of feature & short length films, television, commercials, music videos, branded media and original music.


Do It With Style

Altino has years of video experience and a considerable amount of equipment so we asked him how an “Average Joe” could create professional grade video content.

Planning is key. The creation process is comprised of two features- production quality and story. You will want to assess what equipment and lighting you have available as well as decide upon what story you are trying to tell. Always think through any ideas you have in regards to the video content you would like to film.

What you might publish in a live session on Instagram could differ from that posted on your feed. This article by Small Business Trends discusses how small businesses can use Instagram live sessions to convert their followings into customers. Altino describes live sessions as being “spontaneous.” They are favorable when it comes to showing something as it is happening.

The benefit of creating video content for your feed or story is that you have time to plan things out as opposed to filming in real time.

Creating Content That Adds Value

How do you choose between posting a photo or video? Michael finds them both useful depending on their purpose. Photographs are great for capturing specific moments but videos are perfect for telling an entire story.

If you’re wondering how to generate new ideas and create valuable content, Michael suggests envisioning what the viewer or customer would want to see. In his own craft, Michael channels his creativity from other creatives, films, and TV, or by going out exploring.

From Concept to Publish

Here, Michael provides a brief overview of the social media video marketing production stages. Work begins in the pre-production stage where the concept is thought up before moving into production filming. Editing is carried out during post-production and then the content moves through review to be published. Longer videos shared on Facebook or YouTube can be cut down to Instagram’s one-minute time limit in order to extend the reach across all platforms.

The Strategy Behind Uploading

Your goal as a marketer when it comes to social media video marketing is to create content that your target audience will engage with and share with their connections. In a previous article, we shared a study conducted by the NY Times on the Psychology of Sharing that established 5 primary motivations in the sharing of content:

  • To bring valuable and entertaining content to one another
  • To define themselves to others
  • To grow and nourish relationships
  • For self-fulfilment
  • To get the word out about causes they care about

Keep these factors in mind when you’re creating new pieces of video content that you intend to share on social media. Create content that helps your user satisfy any of those primary motivations. Consider what type of video content would make a viewer want to hit the ‘like’ or ‘share’ buttons.

Facebook uses metrics such as views and shares to gauge the popularity and effectiveness of your video content as well as reward your content with increased visibility. You should also monitor the comments section of your video. Viewer opinions and feedback can help you measure how well the video’s message came across – just don’t feed the trolls.

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