Unleash the Potential
of  Your Business

VIP Marketing & Sales Workshop 

The 3-Day VIP Workshop will teach you everything you need to know to create clear messaging and marketing that makes growing your business fun and exciting again.

May 9th–11th, 2023

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Stop Struggling to Find the Words That Sell

No more unclear and mismatched messaging or branding. You'll get a clear message and compelling story that resonates with your ideal client.

Get the Secret to Transform Your Marketing

Once you have the right message and compelling story, you'll learn to craft marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience and leave them wanting more.

Unleash the Potential of Your Business

Imagine a world where your marketing campaigns strike a chord with your audience every time, sales calls feel like talking to friends, and closing deals comes naturally. 


attend the workshop if You Find Yourself Struggling with...

  • Clearly explaining what you do or why your business exists

  • Getting clients to understand how you can help them

  • Getting clients to choose you over your competitors

  • Selling or the process of selling

Then this Messaging, Marketing, and Sales Workshop is exactly what you need to solve those problems. 

No more aimlessly wandering in the dark

You'll walk away from this VIP Workshop with:

  • A clear brand message that unites your team and connects with your ideal clients

  • A simple, repeatable framework for creating marketing that saves you time & money

  • A process for generating and nurturing leads and winning more business

  • An outline of the 9 elements every captivating website should have

  • The kind of confidence in your messaging, marketing, and sales process that captivates an audience and compels them to do business with you 


This Workshop Will Transform Your Business 

What's Included:

  • 2-Day Small Group Messaging and Marketing Workshop
  • 1-Day Sales Workshop (How to Write a $1 Million Dollar Pitch) 
  • 60-Minute, 1:1 Captivation Key™ Coaching Call
What You Walk Away With:

  • 7-part Messaging Framework
  • 5-Part Sales Funnel
  • 5-Part Email Nurturing Sequence
  • A plan to fine-tune your website homepage to drive leads and revenue
  • Mission Statement and One-Liner
  • A Sales Framework

Here's How The Process Works

Marketing Workshop LiveStream VIP@2x-1

Find the Right Words to
Market and Grow Your Business

Step 1:
Reserve Your Seat
at the Workshop

Step 2:
Find The Right Words
To Captivate Your Audience

Step 3:
Create A Sales Funnel
to Market Your Business

Step 4:
Boost Your Revenue,
Engage More Customers

Pricing Plans

1 Payment


Total = $3,200

3 Payments


Total = $3,600

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About Our CEO & Creative Director

Ali J. Taylor

Ali J. Taylor is the CEO & Creative Director of BelMarketing Design Studio and founder of the Captivation Key™ Program

The Captivation Key™ Program helps professional service brands go from forgettable to captivating by bringing clarity and alignment to their branding, messaging, and marketing so they attract, nurture, and close more ideal-fit clients and grow their business. 

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